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Wedding Catering

A day where dreams come true. Wedding catering with delivery, to complement your magical day.

Your special day should be unforgettable. Take the stress away from planning and enjoy one of the most important days of your life by allowing us to take over and provide you with beautifully delicate and delectable wedding catering!


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2024 Best selections | ReUbird delicate and delicious wedding catering with delivery across all of Hong Kong

Have a wedding day that you will never forget! Find your perfect assortment of beautiful canapes and finger foods through ReUbird wedding catering. Aside from the classy snack platters, dainty pastries, aromatic baked goods, and delicate finger foods, we also offer many large scale main dishes of all cuisines to satisfy your big event catering needs for weddings with hundreds or more attendees. Ensure that each and every guest is impressed with diverse multinational dishes ranging from Thai styles, Vietnamese cuisine, Japanese foods, classic Western cuisine, and even Hong Kong style food! Buffet catering is also an option for those who like to be versatile.

ReUBird offers diverse wedding catering options that is guaranteed to please even the pickiest of eaters and keep everyone coming back for more. Our wedding catering is bound to provide your picture perfect wedding day with the right backdrop of flavour, no matter where you are in Hong Kong. ReUbird offers wedding catering suitable for ceremonies, regardless of if they are small and private or big and grand.

To add to that, we also provide another level of services that will make your experience even more special. This includes set-up services, waitstaff, or extra heating, amongst many other enhancements. We deliver to all areas of Hong Kong in a timely and efficient manner. Take away a level of stress and let us handle your wedding catering!

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