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Catering English FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a delivery fee? Will the order be sent directly to my front door?

You saw it right and saw it here first! For the most part, ReUBird delivery is free and covers almost all areas of Hong Kong, delivering your order straight to your front doorstep! In the case of paid deliveries, the delivery fees are listed clearly on the ordering page.

1. How can I pay?

ReUBird accepts quite a few payment methods, including:
(1) Visa/Mastercard/AE Credit cards
(2) PayMe
(3) ATM Transfers (Hang Seng Bank, HSBC, BOC)
(4) FPS Transfer (Any bank)
(5) Cheques
No cash payment accepted.

2. How long before the delivery date will I have to place an order?

This depends on quite a few factors: the type of set you're ordering, the number of people it's intended for, and the occasion. During the peak holiday season of December, we would suggest giving us a 3-7 day timeframe between ordering and delivery. Your order can only be confirmed and sent to the kitchen after you have successfully paid. In the case that the caterers have met their limit, we apologize for having to reject your order. During regular periods, you only need 18-24 hours notice before delivery.

For urgent situations, please contact our staff to determine if we can help. Each mealset shows the minimum amount of time required between ordering and preparation.

If your event is hosting over 100 people, or if you are placing a considerably large order during a festival or holiday period (Mid Autumn Festival, Christmas, New Years, etc.) We would suggest ordering at least 10 days in advance.

3. Can ReUBird provide an official receipt?

We understand that many companies require an official printed copy of the transaction in order for you to file a claim, if needed, please contact our staff for an official receipt. Please provide your finance or accounting department's relevant information. To speed up the process, you can mention that you will be needing a receipt in the "Remarks" section when you are placing an order, our staff will then send you a digital or printed copy depending on your needs.

4. Can ReUBird deliver to all of the New Territories and Kowloon?

Our deliveries are carried out by drivers from Lalamove & Gogovan, ergo, anywhere they are allowed to enter by the vehicle they are able to deliver to!

Available locations for delivery: HK Island, Kowloon, New Territories

Unavailable locations for delivery: Banned areas, Luo Wu, Sha Tau Kok, Disneyland, Airport, Ocean Park, Discovery Bay, Sai Kung Pak Tam Chung, Wong Shek Pier, Sai Kung West Country Park, Outlying Islands, Ma Wan, etc.

5. How do you calculate delivery time?

Here at ReUBird, we try our best to keep to the delivery time as close as possible. However, due to the unpredictability of real-time issues with traffic, we work our hardest to deliver the food within 15-20minutes before and after the confirmed time of the order. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, especially during peak seasons (usually December) when traffic is particularly bad.

6. What's the earliest/latest delivery time?

Depending on the mealset, generally the earliest delivery time is 08:30, the latest being 22:00. Each mealset has its available delivery times stated on the relevant order page.

7. Does the mealset include cutlery? How many of each utensil do I get?

Most of the mealsets include sets of cutlery, the amount is specified on the order page during checkout.

If the allotted amount of cutlery isn't enough, you can choose to purchase more for $2 per set on the "Additional Options" page during ordering.

8. What is included in the cutlery set?

Each set includes a disposable fork, plate, and tissue.

9. How much is 2lb of food?

The size of the container used for 2lb portions is 20cmx20cmx5cm, it is not always exactly equal to the literal mass of the food. For example, since salads generally weigh less than items like rice or spaghetti, the two items will measure up to differing masses. As a rule of thumb, 2lb portions of food can generally serve 3-4 people.

10. Why should you order through ReUBird? What offers does ReUBird have for customers?

Not only is it extremely easy to place orders, but also to pay and to get a confirmation for your delivery! No need to wait and worry for long hours at a time. We also offer instantaneous, one-on-one help from staff through WhatsaApp messaging or through calling.

If you would like to pay through non-instant methods such as PayMe, ATM transfer, FPS transfer, or by cheque, you only need to follow the instructions sent to your email and WhatsApp. It's incredibly easy and saves so much time!

If you choose to pay by credit card, you will receive an email confirmation on your order instantly and then through WhatsApp.

11. If I want to have a 'Free Combination' mealset, what is the minimum amount of food I need to order?

Each mealset has different requirements, those are stated on the relevant order pages. The lowest starting amount is 5 portions and upwards.

12. How do I pick between a 'Free Combination' mealset or a different type of mealset?

Whatever suits you best! Our staff at ReUBird have lovingly hand picked and combined dishes to create mealsets that are tailor made for specific amounts of people and for certain events. On the other hand, if you would like more flexibility in the types of dishes and amount of food to order, try out a 'Free Combination' set.

13. Can I choose items from different 'Free Combination' sets and mix them in my order?

Since different mealsets come from different provider, various 'Free Combination' mealsets are limited to the items offered under the same selection.

14. Can I pay by cash?

ReUBird only accepts credit card, transfers, PayMe, FPS transfers, and cheques. No cash payments are accepted

15. Rescheduling

Since the order requires time to prepare, once an order has been sent to the kitchen you will not be able to make any changes or cancellations, and there will be no refund.

16. Cancellation

Since the order requires time to prepare, if you decide to cancel on the day of delivery, there will be no refund.

17. How big is a 5lb portion takeaway box?

32.5cm X 32.5cm X 6.5cm

Choosing your mealset

1. What is a 'Free Combination' mealset?

Like it's namesake, a 'Free Combination' mealset allows you to choose the dishes that you want without limitations. Even if it's salads, snacks, platters, main courses, or desserts, you can mix and match the meal that gives you all the flavors that you want - or makes sure that what you don't want isn't slipped in! You also have the option to choose the amount of each dish that you want.


1. Suggested consumption timeframe

Starting from the moment the food items are packaged and sent off from delivery, their freshness is kept for a period of 1-1.5 hours. We recommend you to enjoy your food as soon as possible, and to place any cold items into the fridge for maximum freshness.

If you would like to save the food for later, please place them into the fridge to preserve the quality.


1. Can I pay on delivery?

No. Since the food requires preparation time, orders are only confirmed when payment is successfully completed.

Cancellation, rescheduling, and extensions

1. Bad weather arrangements

If on the day, the HK Observatory places a Typhoon 8 signal or Black rainstorm warning, you can reschedule your order for up to 30 days from the original delivery date.

Container Sizing

1. How big is a 2lb portion takeaway box?

20cm X 20cm X 5cm