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COVID-19 Prevention (Updated in July 2020)

Enhanced protection measures against COVID19 (Updated in July 2020)

Under the circumstances that have arisen as a result of the virus, we have taken extra steps so that each and every customer’s health is being protected. Alongside continuing our high level of attention to hygiene, we have added stricter measures to further improve the health and safety standards required from our suppliers.

Each supplier whose products we list on our platform have undergone screening and are verified as having passed sufficient health and safety certifications as required by the Hong Kong Food & Environmental Hygiene Department. Each serial number and proof of certification can be found on the page of the mealset. Certifications are based on achieving a good level of cleanliness and level of ventilation in the supplier kitchen, the ability in managing product temperatures, and high standards being met by the workspace.

In the face of current circumstances, we have agreed with suppliers on an enhanced checklist of safety measures. The additional requirements include:

  1. Suppliers will carry out temperature check and monitor symptoms of employees and relevant personnel every day.

  2. Suppliers will monitor the travel history of employees and update their health conditions every day.

  3. Suppliers will update the confirmed cases related to the food-producing buildings every day.

  4. Suppliers will provide employees with appropriate protective equipment including masks and gloves; and sterilize the utensils and working environment more frequently.

  5. Workers must wear gloves and masks whilst operating in the kitchen or dealing with food items.

  6. Food must be packaged immediately after completed preparation to prevent contact with outer surfaces.

  7. All food has to be packaged properly during transportation to ensure the items inside won’t be exposed to air.

Each mealset that shows a ‘Anti-Virus Protection’ stamp has been verified to have passed every one of the above service requirements.

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