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ReUBird offers party catering from all sorts of cuisines, for groups of all sizes, and for events of any kind. Whether you want to have a homely low-key get together with family and friends, or a big bash with dozens of party animals. Let us help you throw an unforgettable party!


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Awe your guests and give them a party to remember by choosing ReUBird party catering!

It’s no doubt that party catering is definitely one of, if not, THE top priority for any party host. Everyone wants to make sure that no matter the size or type of party they are organizing, everything runs smoothly. Party planning may come across as a huge task, with many different plans all running at once. For starters, location and atmosphere are like the starters which set the tone, making the party catering the literal and figurative main course that makes or breaks the night. Will the guests enjoy the party catering?

Imagine yourself at a party. Everything is going well and you are having a great time...until you begin to feel a little peckish. Instead of the usual sloppy fast food, boring pizza, or regular party fare, time to think about party catering that offers a variety of cuisines and delicious dishes. Don’t dampen the mood by ordering the typical and try out our wide selection of party catering!

What’s more, you won’t even need to lift a finger to prepare. Our party catering comes delivered for free straight to your home, party room, clubhouse, outdoor venue - wherever you choose, in any region of Hong Kong. Surely with party catering as convenient and affordable as ours, the choice could not be more obvious. Find the perfect mealset, or construct your perfect free combination party catering selection that satisfies every guest’s tastebuds. Mix and match dishes of all sorts - appetizers, kid friendly options, desserts, pastas, rice, meat, and more - for the perfect party catering fit for your party. Bring your party catering to the next level and taste what the world has to offer, with international flavours like Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Western, and Hong Kong style cuisine.

Our high-quality party catering packages are guaranteed to be delicious. Each party catering menu has been lovingly designed by a team of dedicated foodies who love to party as much as they love food! Bring those two wonderful elements together and we have the varied and definitely delicious party catering sets on offer by ReUBird. Rest assured in the health quality of the party catering on show, as we have substantial experience providing party catering to all sorts, from private gatherings to big events like Clockenflap Arts and Music Festival.

Don’t waste your time stressing over crafting a menu that doesn’t bore, no more resorting to fast food takeaway, look to ReUBird for your perfect party catering options! Get the best, most delicious party catering in Hong Kong delivered straight to your door.

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