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ReUBird offers birthday party catering from all sorts of cuisines, for groups of all sizes, and for events of any kind. Whether you want to have a homely low-key get together with family and friends, or a big bash with dozens of party animals. Let us help you throw an unforgettable party!

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Having a birthday party and you need catering?

Happy birthday to you! Do you have any plan on your birthday or your friend’s birthday? People may organize a birthday party on their birthday, sing the birthday songs and send the birthday gifts, in celebration of their friend’s birthday. It is definitely a special occasion that we should celebrate. Where to celebrate? There are plenty of options in Hong Kong! Many restaurants offer birthday discounts for buffet dessert or buffet dinner, so that you can enjoy your birthday privileges with your beloved ones. Some may organize their birthday party in Disneyland or Ocean Park, and some may go to Sky100 or Neway. There is definitely a better alternative –– organize your own birthday party in a private party room, with your birthday gifts, birthday decorations, birthday balloons, and of course your birthday surprise.

Thinking of a birthday surprise? A perfect birthday catering set might help. Party rooms provide you with a place to enjoy you time with friends and families, while delicious birthday catering sets can become the icing on your cake. ReUbird is offering different birthday party catering sets, including ReUbird Buffet Catering Set, ReUbird Home-Cooking Meal, ReUbird HOT Snacks Platter, ReUbird Best-Selling Catering Set, etc. In particular, you can enjoy a full birthday meal set ranging from salad, sandwiches, cold dishes, main dishes, snack and platter, vegetables, and dessert. What’s more, you can choose from our chef’s recommendations to customize your birthday catering set. You may also add some soft drinks to your order if you want!

If your friends joining the birthday party are from different countries or you want to order multi-national cuisines to brighten up your party, ReUbird can satisfy all your demands. We have Fine Multinational Cuisine Mini Buffet Catering Set as well as Multinational Delicacy Catering Set. Looking for Thai food for birthday party? We have Thai-style Mini Buffet Catering Set, Thai Delicacy Catering Set, and “Thai-Perfect” Deluxe Catering Set. Looking for Vietnamese food for birthday party? We have Vietnamese Mini Buffet Catering Set, Appetizing Vietnamese Snacks Catering Set, and Vietnamese Delicacy Party Catering Set. Other than that, we have Chinese-and-Japanese Delicacy Party Catering Set, Chinese-and-Western Delicacy Party Catering Set, Deluxe Western Catering Set, etc. You’ve got vegan friends to invite for your birthday party? No problem! ReUbird has its Best-Selling Vegan Snacks Set, Delicious Vegan Snacks Platter, and also Healthy Vegan Snacks Catering Set.

Not interested in birthday surprise party? You can instead spare your special day for your boyfriend or your girlfriend. ReUbird’s 2 pax Romantic Western Catering Set might be your best-fit. In the catering set, there is Roasted Baby Back Ribs with Honey, Penne Carbonara with Bacon, Vanilla and Chocolate Profiteroles. And most importantly, the warm, sweet, and romantic birthday dinner is just one click away –– the order button is right in front of you!

Family is always the priority. No matter whether it is husband’s birthday, wife’s birthday, dad’s birthday, mom’s birthday, or sibling’s birthday, it must be a particularly happy and memorable day which deserves a party. Especially for children’s birthday, since children are always ready for party and surprise! You can satisfy your energetic and picky kids with ReUbird’s Family Party Catering Set, including Hong Kong Style Honey Chicken Wings, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Skewers, Sautéed Mixed Vegetable with Garlic, Vanilla and Chocolate Profiteroles, Jelly Candy with Shredded Coconut, and more.

Whoever’s birthday is, ReUbird is dedicated to catering your need in organizing the most enjoyable birthday party. Hey there! Happy birthday to you!