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Sandwiches Catering

Affordable, convenient, filling. Tasty sandwiches delivered straight to you anywhere across Hong Kong!

A mess-free, portable, and still delicious catering option for even the busiest of people. ReUbird offers sandwiches boasting versatile filling options, with deliveries across Hong Kong. Take the stress off your event planning by ordering convenient sandwich catering and delivery through ReUbird!


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Sandwiches Catering for Corporate and Private Events! | Free delivery in Hong Kong for all of 2024

Sandwiches have been our friends throughout the years. From a simple ham and cheese sandwich that awaited us at lunch time on a school day, to the sophisticated caesar chicken salad sandwich that we hastily gulped down in between a busy day at the office. It is a common daily sensation for us to look forward to the delicious sandwiches we get to snack on when we have a moment to ourselves. With ReUbird have your sandwiches catering delivered straight to the office, a co-working space, or even to your home! With the help of ReUbird catering and our delivery services, you can skip the grocery shopping and cooking by receiving your sandwiches catering through a convenient and quick delivery.

ReUbird sandwiches catering is not your typical boring catering. Gone are the days of soggy cardboard-like pieces of bread with a measly slice of cheese that should be embarrassed to even classify itself as a dairy product, ReUbird sandwiches catering offers a diverse selection of fresh flavours and exciting varieties of sandwiches to break your daily monotony. We don’t just offer sandwiches, other freshly prepared baked goods and pastries are also available, like mini croissant sandwiches, sausage pastries, sliders, and pies. The possibilities are incredibly varied and all sandwiches catering choices are guaranteed to be delicious.

Delivery locations include: HK island, Kowloon, and New Territories. We offer timely, free deliveries for destinations all over Hong Kong. A super efficient way to have your freshly prepared sandwiches whilst still staying on top of all your work. The best thing about sandwiches catering is how hassle free it can be. Sandwiches catering offers a highly efficient, highly convenient, mess-free option. With the help of our catering services, each and every member of your team and each staff personnel can help themselves to incredibly delicious and super filling sandwiches catering!

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