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Big Event Catering

Catering for large groups delivered across all areas of Hong Kong. Suitable for both private and professional events of up to 500 guests!

ReUbird big event catering offers packages for large scale events of all sorts, with delivery included! Mix and match to build your perfect menu from our wide array of cuisines and dishes that are guaranteed to impress each and every guest.


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Rest assured that your food is cooked and delivered at the highest health and safety standard. We ensure that our suppliers have enhanced their measures to prevent virus spread. Find out more

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Hong Kong based Big Event Catering for private and corporate events | Catering Options for Large Groups of up to 500 people!

At a big event, whether it is a private party, a company luncheon, a birthday party, a wedding, a seminar, or even a business launch - a diverse catering spread is always what all the guests are looking forward to. Especially when hosting a big event and the amount of guests is so high. Go all out and enjoy the best large scale big event catering for your private and corporate events with ReUBird!

Big event catering is your top choice in providing a variety of food that will delight any and every guest at your event. The best part of opting for big event catering with us is the fact that there is something for everyone. We offer many dishes from multinational cuisines, such as Thai, Japanese, Western, Hong Kong style, and even Vietnamese catering. No more compromises on the big event catering menu, no more back and forth on deciding which big event catering options to keep in or leave out.

We have experience in providing our catering services to events of all sorts, no matter the size or occasion. Notable past clients who have enjoyed our big event catering and delivery services include people from NGOs, churches, universities, schools, corporate enterprises, SMEs, party rooms, and even festival organizers. With such a roster, our customers come from all walks of life and all appreciate a variety of big event catering items. ReUbird can help you to ensure that each person can choose their favorite dish with our excellent big event catering. To add to that, additional services are offered to elevate your big event experience. This includes set-up services, waitstaff, or extra heating, amongst many other options.

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