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Southeast Asian Cuisines Catering

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Southeast Asian Cuisines

Including more than 10 countries in the Southeast Asian region, namely Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, many of these countries are well-known for its tourism industry and scuba-diving. However, one of the most attractive elements of these countries is their savoury local cuisines, especially the appetizing dishes and signature drinks from Vietnam and Thailand. Recent years, with them being more and more popular in Hong Kong, a place renowned for being a food paradise, we, ReUbird are also committed to providing a wider variety of multi-national cuisines for you and your beloved family and friends, in order to provide a better experience for your gathering, be it a birthday party or company gathering.

Vietnam has been famous for its various delicious snacks and street-eats, including goi cuon (rice paper rolls/summer rolls) and their fried spring rolls. And moving on to the Vietnamese main dishes, impossible it is not to mention Vietnam vermicelli. As a must-eat during Summer, Vietnam vermicelli is a combination of sweet, sour and spicy, which makes it so appetizing. Commonly seen on the menu of Hong Kong’s Vietnamese restaurants, Vietnam vermicelli has a similar appearance as rice noodles, and are usually served with the savoury nuoc-nam (fish sauce). While through the Vietnamese sets provided by ReUbird Catering, you and your friends are able to have a taste the aforementioned Vietnamese local cuisines, such as lemongrass chicken wings Vietnam vermicelli, lemongrass pork jowl or Vietnam vermicelli with Vietnam sausages. We also provide some of the signature drinks of Vietnam, such as Vietnamese coffee, tricolour Ice, lime soda, as well as light salt lemon sprite, to lighten up your parties and gatherings!

On the other hand, Thailand is also as well well-known for its amazing snacks, such as fried cuttlefish balls, lemongrass chicken wings, sour and spicy boneless chicken paws, Thai Hai Nam chicken rice, deep-fried prawn cake, Thai curry and stir-fried assorted Vegetables. ReUbird catering is dedicated to searching for different varieties of Thai local cuisines and street-food, where in our Thai-food set, you are also able to find the must-eat pad Thai, pineapple fried rice as well as Fried rice with chilli and basil, providing as many choices as possible for you and your friends.

Japan, located in the East-Asia region, although not a South-East Asian Country, also has its Japanese cuisines popular among Hong Kong people. Therefore, Japanese local snacks are also included in the sets of ReUbird catering, such as fried seafood platter, including deep-fried shrimp, oysters, scallop, fish and sweet potato. Lastly, as a menu for parties and gatherings, for sure desserts are included such as layered coconut milk and pandan cake. As we include a large variety of food choices in our menu, we especially recommend you our Vietnamese and Thai food under their respective menus, hopefully, you can find the best menu that suits your taste and bring extra happiness to your party!

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