Foodie 食評 - 灣仔


Foodie 食評 - 灣仔


Foodie 食評 - 灣仔


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Foodie 食評 灣仔 Hong Kong hk 香港 玩樂活動 Wanchai:bakehousehk 適合 1 至 4 人 Foodie 食評 灣仔 Hong Kong hk 香港 玩樂活動 Wanchai:bakehousehk 適合 1 至 4 人
Foodie 食評 灣仔


brunch and breakfast

  14 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai (前往 Google Map)

Foodie 簡介

A HK girl who is a food addict, coffee lover and cafeholic. Enjoy good quality food and make honest comments.


適合最少 1 至 4 人



This cafe always have a long queue since it’s opened. The pastry chef has worked in many finest hotels around the world, including 15 years with Four Season. We came during the weekday this time at 10:45 and there was already a small queue . All dishes are nice, a bit disappointed with the poached egg though (one of them is not that runny). Overall, it’s a good place for brunch and breakfast. Will try out their most famous pastries next time! 

What we ordered:

We ordered a breakfast with 2 lunch set 
1)Avocado Toast $108

2)Heirloom Tomato Tartine $118 (comes with dessert and drink)
3)Roasted Chicken & Bacon Club $98 (comes with started and drink) .

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14 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai
Google Map:
Average Cost Per Person: HK$100-$150


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